Sunday 24th May 2020 – Ascension

Today we remember the story of Jesus leaving his friends and going up to heaven to be with God. He promised his friends that he would send the Holy Spirit to be with them. If you have a bible at home, see if you can find the story (Acts 1.1-11), or you can read it here:

Funny faces: When Jesus went up to heaven, his disciples stood looking up at the sky. I wonder how they felt? Amazed? Confused? Imagine you are one of the disciples looking up at the sky, and pull a face to show how you would feel. Take a selfie, or get someone to take a photo of your face. You could try drawing your facial expression, or creating a cartoon face or an emoji to show how the disciples might have felt.

Telling the story: This is a very dramatic story! There are lots of ways you could tell the story. Here is someone telling the story using rocks:

Can you tell the story using objects you can find in your house or garden? Or make a stop-motion animation? Or draw a cartoon strip? Or whatever other creative ways of telling the story you can think of…

Blowing prayers: In our story, Jesus went up to heaven. As we pray today, let’s try to blow something upwards, to symbolise our prayers going up to God. If you have some bubbles at home, you could use those. Or if you can find a dandelion you could blow the seeds. Or you could try blowing underneath a light-weight leaf or small piece of paper or tissue to make it go upwards. Think of something or someone you want to pray for. Then, as you blow, picture your prayer going up to God.

Waiting: Jesus told his disciples to wait for the Holy Spirit. They didn’t know how long they would have to wait or what it would be like when the Holy Spirit arrived. At the moment it can feel like we are doing lots of waiting – to be able to see people we miss, and do the things we want to do. How does that waiting feel for you? Create something to show how the waiting feels – a picture/model/story/poem/song/dance – or talk to somebody else about what this waiting feels like.

Godly Play: If you would like to try another way of exploring the Ascension, you can watch a video of the Godly Play story for Ascension here:

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